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Pine Box Funerals Inc is a legally authorized funeral business operating in the province of Alberta in practice of Schedule 2 of the Alberta Funeral Services Code of Conduct 

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What services do you require?


With practical wisdom and clarity, I listen to understand. It helps decrease stress.  When a client feels supported,

the decisions around funeral (death care) products, services and legal requirements are better understood.

In the world of funeral business, there are two types of need

PreNeed Arrangement is the term for putting down your wishes on file, for your family/executor before death takes place. Pine Box Funerals Inc. does not engage in accepting funds for a prearrangement contract. If you would like to have your wishes documented for the future, we can do this. 

At Need Arrangement is the term used when death is imminent or has already occurred. 

Pine Box Funerals provides the following services:

1.  Simple Cremation 

  • Arrangement consultation – early conversations are helpful for all

  • Transportation from place of death to crematorium

  • Cremation process

  • Urn - included or upgrade

  • Cremated remains returned

  • Legal documents and vital statistics registration

  • Cremation container additional cost

2.  Simple Burial

  • Arrangement consultation - early conversations are helpful for all.

  • Transportation (per occurrence)

  • Cemetery arrangements

  • Obituary consult

  • Legal documents and vital statistics registration

  • Casket and cemetery costs additional

3.  Memorial Celebrant Services

Tailor and conduct personalized services for remembrance. Services billed at $45 per hour. These include:

  • Celebration of Life

  • Memorial Service

  • Funeral Service

  • Home Funeral

  • Anniversary Remembrance

  • Scattering Ceremony​​

A favourite place to perch and ponder

in rural Strathcona County.


We hear everyday of innovative and creative ways of body disposition. Some are more practical than others. however, the current availability in Alberta presents three options. These include:

1.  Cremation- with cremation there still needs to be a plan for what to do with the remains after cremation.

2.  Burial – cemetery costs and cemetery product requirements add considerable dollars to your costs.  The Cities of Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan each have municipal cemetery services. There are many rural cemeteries in Alberta. 

3.  Anatomical Research - body is donated to the University of Alberta. There is not always a need for anatomical research. The University of Alberta reserves the right to decline donations. In that case, family is then responsible for disposition. This link provides detailed information with regard to procedures and legalities of donation.