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Grief - Basic Resources


If only this five letter word were as simple as one syllable. There is much grief material readily available online.


Grief is often described as a kind of beast. It surfaces, often without warning. It will catch you off guard and is very personalized. Grief is patient; so if you find yourself pushing away these emotions, just know they will be back. 

Learning about the emotions of grief and loss helps to develop resilience in our lives. It is healthy to learn about the emotions you are experiencing. Don't push them away or ignore them. 

  • What's Your Grief   - Highly recommended 

  • My Grief​                    The Canadian Virtual Hospice has a wealth of information

  • Kid's Grief                 This is a free online resource that helps parents support their children when someone in their life is                                               dying or has died. It equips parents with the words and confidence needed to help children grieve life’s                                           losses in healthy ways.


If you feel your grief is becoming too much, please reach out to your local Family and Community Services office. 

Strathcona Family and Community Services provides walk-in counselling services. Their telephone number is:  780-464-4044

In addition to complex families, we also have complex estates. We recommend you start with the primary banking institution of the deceased. The following information was gathered by 

Death Benefits, Compensation and Pensions

A variety of benefits, compensations and pensions may be available after a death: 

AISH Application/Invoice for Funeral Expense                          AISH Request for Estimate

Canada Pension Plan                                                                    Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit

Canada Revenue Agency                                                              CPP Survivor Benefits

Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits             International Benefits

Last Post Fund                                                                               Life Insurance Policies

Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Policies                                 National Defence Death and Disability Pension

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors Program                        Veteran's Affairs Disability Pension

Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program                            Workers' Compensation Board

More details about applying for these benefits are available at  Use the search box to locate information.

Further Information

Vital Statistics Main Office - Edmonton

780-427-7013 #3

Medical Examiners Offices

Edmonton - 780-422-1265      Calgary  403-297-8123

Alberta Supports Contact Centre


Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board

Alberta Funeral Service Association