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Products / Merchandise

Almost 80% of those who passed away last year in our local region were cremated. In Alberta, a deceased person is required to be cremated in a rigid container. After cremation has taken place, another container (urn) is required to house the remains.

Every family has unique circumstances at the death of a loved one. We've developed a few different containers that will fit the need. Materials are sourced locally and crafted in small woodshops. The cardboard box is outsourced. 
























Shaker Birch Casket

- cremation or burial

- viewing

- can be personalized outside and inside

Trundle Tray

- cremation

- suitable for ritual/ceremony

- 8 handles allows for escort from planned home death or care centre departure    

Econo Tray

- cremation


Cardboard Box

- limited cremation use

- works well in workshop settings


Cremation/Burial Containers

Cremation Urns

When it comes to cremation urns, again, every family has unique circumstances. The choices available are extensive. Consider where and how your family will complete a final disposition of the remains.

A utility urn is included in the cost of a simple cremation. 

Remember, scattering remains is an irreversible action. Many individuals underestimate the emotional attachment (grief) that is held by family remains. 

Do you require one single urn?

What about small keepsakes for individuals?

Will you be scattering? All or just a portion?

Some individuals may prefer a piece of keepsake jewelry.

As the consumer, you are also able to provide a suitable container of your own. The urn should easily accommodate about 550 cubic inches.

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