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Covid 19 Response

As we all face the impacts of COVID-19 together, Pine Box Funerals will continue to serve families needing after life care services (cremation and burial).

If your family has experienced the recent passing of a loved one and you need to make arrangements, or you just have some questions to ask, please call the office. 


When an in-person appointment is required, we assure our practices are updated daily and align with the guidance provided by public health, government organizations and the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board.


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. I am available for you.

Pine Box Funerals Inc. provides funeral home services also known as death care services. This includes: licensed cremation services, burials and celebrant or officiant services.  Pine Box Funerals also provides family educational sessions, including advance planning preparation. We serve the greater Edmonton region including Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan and Tofield, Alberta.

Death care arrangements, by nature, bring many questions and thoughts. Answers to the questions often bring more questions. Pine Box Funerals provides answers. Most questions are about:

  • how much will it cost?

  • I have no idea where to begin?

  • When do we receive the death certificates?

  • What can we do with cremated remains?

  • How does my person get moved from where they've died?

  • I'd like to have my arrangements in place, to make it easier on the kids.

  • What if there is no Executor?

Our focus is you and your needs. We listen first and then plan with you to keep arrangements simple, affordable and reflective of what your family needs at the time. This helps to ease your stress and burden at

a time that can feel so chaotic. 


Feel free to make a no pressure, no obligation call.  Leave your name and number if we're  unable to answer or send a quick email. Feeling listened to and understood also provides order and comfort. Your questions are important.

Pine Box Funerals Inc. is licensed in the province of Alberta to:

  • Provide legal oversight of decedent.

  • Arrange legal cremation and/or burial services. We are able to work with urban and rural cemeteries.

  • Provide required transportation.

  • Complete and file the required legal and vital statistics documents.

  • Notify Service Canada of Death, CPP Documents and directions to get the Executor on track.

  • Direct you to resources and after care grief helps.

  • Host funerals, celebrations of life and memorials in locations that are meaningful to you (including parks, golf courses, museums, family home or recreation area and in the local church)

  • Provide required end of life containers as well as memorial keepsakes. 

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Pine Box Funerals Inc is a legally authorized funeral business operating in the province of Alberta in practice of Schedule 2 of the Alberta Funeral Services Code of Conduct 

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