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Pine Box Funerals Inc. is owned and operated by licensed funeral business manager Bonnie Hoffmann. We are a small, independent shop. Together with my husband Dennis, we have lived rurally, raised kids and now call Sherwood Park our home. Pine Box Funerals Inc. is a new venture in our lives. 



By nature, I have been a public educator for most of my life. I taught First Aid through Strathcona Emergency Services, looked after little ones as Sparky the Firedog (that's a story unto its own), a past Compass Master Facilitator with Caregivers Alberta and a presenter at conferences and workshops. 


Having earned a funeral director’s license in 2005, work in local funeral homes provided insight and practical experience serving those needing to make death care arrangements. I am not an embalmer. Desiring to serve families in other capacities, Celebrant training allowed me to work more closely in creating meaningful memorial services, remembrances, celebrations of life.


Work with Caregivers Alberta came along and formal funeral service was put on the back burner for several years. I have acquired insight into the world of friend and family caregivers and the systems that are Alberta Health Services, palliative/hospice care, death care and how we live with loss.


The passion and interest for all things end of life, funerals, and cemeteries has continued to grow. With the numbers of baby boomers facing end of life, social movements have begun outside of traditional funeral. There is strong interest in death midwifery, green burial and home funerals. 


Operating a licensed funeral home was the next logical step. Contributing to an evolving field and journeying with people in their loss and grief is where I find fulfillment. My clients benefit through my passion, experience and life wisdom.

Volunteer work also includes the death care field. Cemeteries and the social movement of green or natural burial is a special interest. I am involved with the Green Burial Society of Canada as well as the Burial Options Society in Strathcona. BOSS is currently involved in death education and the establishment of a community cemetery, including natural burial options in the County of Strathcona.


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We chased down the solar

eclipse and Willie Nelson in

Berkley, CA. in 2017.

Inside our shop in Sherwood Park. Dennis has always had a love for building with wood.

Pine Box Funerals Inc.

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Pine Box Funerals Inc is a legally authorized funeral business operating in the province of Alberta in practice of Schedule 2 of the Alberta Funeral Services Code of Conduct 

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