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Workshops & Presentations

How do I reflect on my life?

Is there someone I'd like to leave a letter to?

Which stories are important to me?

How might I pass on my family history?

Who would I like to know more about before they pass on?

Which values and beliefs shape my life?

"David is a co-worker. Last week his father suddenly passed away. He's coming back to work on Tuesday and I'm not sure what to say."

"I'd like to send a note, but I'm not sure what to write."

"It seems like everyday, someone comes into the bank to notify about a death. I feel awkward sometimes and don't know what is the right thing to say."

The Heart of Condolence

90 minutes

* lunch 'n learn

* small groups

* workshop breakout

* helpful takeaway booklet included

Attendee feedback

The room felt safe very quickly.

Bonnie has a strong speaking voice and a sincerity with the topic 

It is appreciated that my employer is willing to invest in hosting this type of workshop.

This is so relevant to my life, these days.

Exit Lane

90 minutes

* lunch n learn

* small groups

* workshop breakout

* helpful "prompts" 

takeaway included

AKA:  Legacy Letter, Ethical Will, Heart Will, Spiritual Will

Attendee feedback

Actually being able to write something in a short period of time (because of prompts provided) thank you so much!

Sharing – great ideas from other.

Good supporting documents.

Writing was a fun process, I enjoyed it.

The prompts are a great tool.

Had a positive learning experience.

The spokes in a  wagon wheel remind me that although we are each individual spokes, we are all connected. 

Timely education and learning events.

Cardboard Casket Therapy

This two hour event takes "paint workshops" to a whole new level. I sometimes hear chatter about how death care should use more cardboard boxes. Come and explore how that looks and even feels for you. A powerful self care exercise for professionals.

I will bring all needed materials. If space is not available, your group is welcome to use our workshop.

We'll get up close and personal with a few stories, some music and then find ways to transfer those to the casket. I will bring all needed material. You bring your sense of humour and a willingness to participate in life learning.


Let loose your inner Morticia!